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Emergency Management Systems

Emergency Preparedness Planning and Incident Management Systems (IMS) Training


Stay Safe Instructional Programs (SSIP) has partnered with experts in the field of Emergency Preparedness and Management especially in the areas of review and delivery of an organizations programs, manuals and training.

We have partnered with professionals who have a strong background in delivering these types of programs

    • John Allard
      • Acting Deputy Chief of Toronto Fire Service (Retired) - IMS Consulting Inc.
    • Tracey Marshall
      • Behavioural Threat Assessment professional - TM Inc.
    • Kim Carr
      • IMS and Provincial College/University expertise - CISC Inc.
    • Ray McKinnon
      • Emergency Management Ontario

The principals have been tasked by various organizations especially a number of Colleges/Universities, to consult and develop on the creation of the Emergency Preparedness Plan (E.P.P.) and the delivery of the appropriate training based on the recognized Incident Management Systems (IMS) standard. We have had great success in delivering policies, procedures and training that include table-top and live mock exercises involving local Emergency Services, with a specific focus on Colleges and Universities where we have developed a strong expertise.

The programs are consistent with Provincial and Federal standards including as an example those adopted by the Emergency Management Ontario (EMO). We can assist in the development and delivery of the following procedures (to name a few):

    • Evacuation(s)
    • Lockdown (s)
    • Active Attacker(s)
    • Bomb Threat
    • CBRNT Response
    • Security Responders Procedures (Base and Restricted View)
    • Searches (Bomb, Missing persons, etc.)

We can provide specifically focussed services in the review of an organizations’ current emergency preparedness and response plans as well as the development o.  but more importantly in the development and delivery of appropriate training to all levels from First Responders (usually security staff and front line volunteers) to management level Incident Command Team (ICT).

We have the great benefit of being able to partner with recognized professionals to deliver the programs who have the requisite skills, training and expertise in their particular discipline including the following experts:


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