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“Testified as an expert” = giving sworn evidence as an expert before a judicial proceeding.

“Consulted as an expert” = formally contacted by investigators, or other parties with an interest, and asked to provide a detailed analysis of an incident or provide information with respect to training that may be associated to the subject matter.  Such responses are usually in writing.

“Retained as an expert” = formally requested to either attend, or be prepared to attend a judicial process where expert testimony will be required.  In each instance an analysis and / or statement has been provided.  Some matters are resolved to trial; others have not yet reached a trial date.

One of the most important qualifications that seperates SSIP can bring to the table is the ability to provide a recognized “Expert Opinion” that can be qualified as such in the judicial system. Steve Summerville has been and continued to be qualified, retained and testify as an Expert Witness.

A sampling of the Qualifying comments follows:

Mr. Summerville qualified as “having expertise regarding the training of Police and the application of Force”.

Mr. Summerville recognized for “having the expertise regarding the training of persons involved in the security profession that would benefit the inquest jury in understanding the issues and in making useful and practical recommendations”.

Mr. Summerville recognized for “having the experience and expertise to provide an expert analysis regarding the areas of use-of-force and its applications as it relates to the training of police officers in Ontario”.

Summerville recognized as an expert in self-defense, use-of- force, spontaneous knife defense, weapon culture and the palming of weapons”.



Transcript of Ruling on voir dire of Steven Summerville