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Risk Mitigation

Stay Safe Instructional Programs have designed their training programs and services to maximize the mitigation of risk not only to the employer, but most importantly to any company’s No. 1 asset the employee both from civil and criminal liability.

We believe we have been able to accomplish this by delivering “Court Defensible” programs and services.

What is “Court Defensible”?

Court Defensibility indicates that the facilitator, programs and/or materials have or can be tested in the judicial system (civil, criminal or other). This provides the client with a level of comfort that they can be protected from civil and criminal liability by displaying a level of due diligence and “standard of care” that is virtually required.

Here are some questions that every client may wish to ask before engaging a Trainer or Consultant.

Request a copy of their qualifications? (Training Certifications, etc.)

Have they shown “Subject Matter” expertise?

  • Have they testified in a Court in the subject matter?
  • Have they been acknowledged as Subject Matter experts?
  • Can they provide a list of references (lawyers or firms) that use their services?

How current is the program or materials and the relevance to the jurisdiction?

  • Ensure program meets the current or proposed legislative requirements and/or
  • Canadian General Standards Branch (CGSB) 2008 Security Officer training standards

Do they have Insurance coverage?

  • General and/or Professional (Errors and Omissions) Liability coverage. This indicates that they have displayed a level of due diligence to the Insurer.