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Services Available

Below is an overview of some of the services and solutions Stay Safe Instructional Programs provides.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us at 416-708-4078 or send us an e-mail at

Resistance Management Systems(Click for Course Outlines)

Front-line Security Practitioners (Health Care, Special Event, etc.), Loss Prevention Specialists, Supervisors and Managers

The course is designed to meet the proposed “Specialized Training” standards introduced by most Provinces and those established by the Canadian General Standards Branch (CGSB) Security Guards CGSB-133.1-2008.

Basic Security Practitioners Specialized Training

  • Effective Communications,
  • Crisis Management,
  • Subject  Restraint (Compliant/Active)

Advanced    Defensive Response

  • Intermediate Tools (Expandable or Straight Baton) (Note: Basic Level required)
  • Sharp Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics

Certifications Available

The successful participant will receive signed certificates and wallet cards indicating they have successfully completed training in:

  1. Criminal Code Applications/Resistance Management Systems (Use of Force Principles)
  2. Effective Communications
  3. Crisis Management
  4. Subject Restraint - Compliant/Active.
  5. Defensive Response Techniques
    • Intermediate Weapons-(ASP Baton)
    • “Sharp Edged Weapons” Response

Special Event Security Management

Stay Safe IP is also a full-service event security coordination and management firm providing a unique approach that involves pre-planning and training.  We have a considerable amount of experience and expertise in the area of security management from the planning to deployment phase.

Our team has a proven track record in delivering safe and secure events.

Expert Opinions

As a result of the acknowledged and Court recognized expertise we are able to provide qualified “expert opinions” in the areas of

  • Training related to security and law enforcement
  • Application of Force, 
  • Self defence
  • Criminal and Civil investigations

Expert opinions and testimony have and continue to be provided at every level of the judicial system (from Civil to Coroners Court).

Emergency Preparedness Planning and Training

Stay Safe Instructional Programs (SSIP) has partnered with experts in the field to develop and deliver Emergency Preparedness Plans for various organizations, utilizing the internationally recognized Incident Management Systems (IMS) standard. As a result we are particularyl adept in the areas of review and delivery of programs, manuals and most importantly IMS training (from table-tops to real time full exercises.

The principals have developed and delivered specific programs for Colleges/Universities, Event Venues and large multi-national firms focussing on all stakeholders (from First response Security personnel to management). We have had great success in delivering policies, procedures and training that include table-top and live mock exercises involving local Emergency Services, with a specific focus on Colleges and Universities where we have developed a strong expertise.


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