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Special Event Security Coordination and Management

Stay Safe IP is a full-service event security coordination and management firm providing “safe and secure” events.  We have a considerable amount of experience and expertise in the area of security management from the planning to deployment phase.

Our principals have been involved in such diverse events as the AIDS 2008 conference in Mexico City which has a considerable amount of planned and unplanned activism to the SARS Concert held in Toronto in 2003.  

We bring a unique philosophy by providing hands-on coordination and management with a strong focus on pre-planning with all stakeholders and service providers that may be involved in an event.

An example of the approach we take is the AIDS 2008 conference in Mexico City where we were able to work closely with every level of security services (from the Federal Presidential Guard to the local Municipal law enforcement to the contracted security services). We worked very closely with the venue’s (Centro Banamex) security and management who were outstanding to develop not only a deployment plan, but a operational plan with specific responsibilities in the event of an incident. The same strategy stood us well when dealing with the individual security details who each had their own unique requirements from the Presidential Guard who were responsible for not only President Calderon but every Internationally Protected Person (IPPs) such as President Clinton, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,  to those detailed for VIPs, VVIPs.

We have the expertise in dealing with Local and Federal law enforcement, emergency and security services (Contract, VIPs, IPPs, etc.) that have special needs from properly closing streets, controlling traffic flow (pedestrian and vehicle), search policies.

Training is provided to all stakeholders and staff (security, access staff, volunteers, and management) in order to effectively deal with patrons attending special events. The training is “customer service” oriented that emphasizes utilizing effective communications and crisis management techniques to ensure that all event staff use consistent.


  • Threat and Risk assessment of venue and security provided (Evacuation Plan, CBRNT Threat Plan, CCTV, etc.)
  • Liaison with Emergency Services (Fire, Police, and Ambulance)
  • Prepare an Operational Security and Deployment Plan
  • Assist with determining need and number of Extra Duty Police Officers,
  • Assist with liaising with local Police Service re: Security Plan, On Duty Personnel and additional services available,
  • Assessment of Security Provider
    • Type of services provided? - physical, Close Protection, etc.
    • Type of supervision provided?
    • Type, Currency and Quality of Training provided?
    • Insurance and validity?
  • Conduct Customer Service oriented Security-focussed seminars.



Jason at Mexico
Ban ki Moon